Portraits of the Pineta 1903 family: Maria Lucia Nunes Pereira

Portraits of the Pineta 1903 family: Maria Lucia Nunes Pereira

Brazilian, from Brasilia to be exact, Lucy, as they all called her here, arrived in Italy, or better in Maiori, in 2011. After various experiences in the hotellerie world, she decided to change and move into catering. 

Let’s get to know Maria Lucia Nunes Pereira in this interview. 

How did you land at Pineta 1903? 

I arrived in 2013. I entered Pineta 1903 as a guest to attend a birthday party. I immediately liked the environment.

I was working at Borgo Sant’Andrea, the hotel in Amalfi, but I got a little tired of the hotel world.

A colleague of mine, therefore, urged me to make a change. After several meetings and conversations with Carlo De Filippo, I was hired

What do you do?

I wait tables and make cocktails. A task that I enjoy, especially making the Spritz Amalfitano, I do well, and often customers request an encore. 

What do you enjoy most about this job? 

It’s delightful. Carlo, the owner, is very knowledgeable, and I have learned a lot from him. He is patient and pushes all his employees to give their best.

He pushes us, giving us confidence, and above all, he does not back down when he has to teach something.

I also like the relationship with the customers. Sometimes, some feel so welcomed under the Limonaia that they never want to leave. And that is a positive sign for me and all of us.

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