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Italy & Son


"The Pineta Bar officially opened its doors in 1903 in Maiori, on the Amalfi Coast. Known above all for its lemon garden, this place had only two owners: Luigi and his son Lello. Last winter Lello got the idea to sell the Pineta Bar and Carlo De Filippo did not miss the opportunity to buy this historic restaurant."


"In April 2015, Carlo bought the place and immediately began the renovations. Only the original floor was left intact." ... "Carlo argues that, beyond the massive renovation work, the most important challenge was represented by the residents: "All the Maiori's people were convinced that, once the premises were taken over, I would reopen in a week leaving it unchanged. They asked me when I would reopen." Incredibly, Carlo and the whole company managed to complete the work in 3 months. "It was a great challenge" - explains Carlo - "This restaurant is very large and rich in history. A very expensive investment. My wife called me crazy. "

dolci ristorante pineta 1903
dolci ristorante pineta 1903
tortino di pistacchio
tortino di pistacchio

Sudfood Association

"What do we find on the menu of your restaurant?"

“Together with my Chefs, I created a new menu that had to remain faithful to the flavors of the Amalfi Coast, with the right pinch of innovation and reinterpretation of some traditional dishes. Unexpected combinations and lots of novelties that have captured a large number of customers who have been enthusiastic about it ".

"How is it different from other RESTAURANTS?"

“We only use local raw materials, of proven origin to guarantee all possible genuineness. We only use artisanal pasta from Gragnano or our homemade pasta. "...

"Is the Slow Food theme also very important to you?"

"I have dedicated a lot of study to the details and this has led us, almost as a natural consequence, to become part of the Slow Food Chefs and Presidia Alliance." ... "These are Products of Excellence made according to Traditional practices . Products and Processed by Small Farmers and Producers, who now represent in this Ocean of Industrial Agri-Food the true Guardians of Biodiversity and of the Italian Agri-food Tradition ... "

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Touring Club Italiano

"Pineta 1903"

"One of the best known places on the Amalfi Coast, a meeting place for 4 generations, harmoniously encloses history and innovation, tradition and passion. Supporters of the Slow Food Cooks' Alliance and Ark of Taste, they support small producers, true custodians of agri-food biodiversity. A large bar room at the entrance leads to a more intimate and intimate environment with a wood-burning oven for pizzas and, finally, the real highlight: a fresh and well-kept garden of lemons, one of the last still existing in the town, whose beauty does not leave you indifferent. "

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spaghetto di olive
spaghetto di olive

Luciano Pignataro

"Ristorante Pineta 1903 in Maiori, seafood cuisine in the shade of lemons"

"We are in Maiori, on the Amalfi Coast. In the shade of a splendid lemon grove, with the air that smells of sea and citrus, the Pineta 1903 restaurant is becoming more and more popular among tourists and local customers since it opened, some year ago."

"Ristorante Pineta 1903. In the center of Maiori, even if far from the chaos and kissed by the ideal coolness on summer evenings, the restaurant of the De Filippo family focuses on quality and research of niche products, many of which Slow Food Presidia.
Heading the kitchen is Giuliano Donatantonio, a chef who knows not only the technique but also the traditional recipes, and enjoys keeping the two together. Together with Carlo, the owner of the restaurant, and his wife, they studied dishes that change almost every day according to the season and the availability of the products."

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Linguine With Amalfi Pesto



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Linguine al pesto amalfitano
Linguine al pesto amalfitano

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