Portraits of the Pineta 1903 family: Claudio Amodio

Portraits of the Pineta 1903 family: Claudio Amodio

Originally from Tramonti, Claudio Amodio, 21, a student of literature and philosophy at La Sapienza in Rome, he joined the staff of Pineta 1903 about two years ago. 

In his second summer season, this experience has led him to develop more human qualities already inherent in his character, such as listening, a gift the latter of which will probably be helpful to him in realizing his dream: to become a professor of philosophy. 

 Let’s get to know Claudio Amodio in this interview.

How did you start at Pineta 1903?

I wanted to have a summer work experience. My girlfriend, Sabrina, also on the team, told me about this place.

We then met Carlo De Filippo, the owner, who is an excellent teacher, and after an interview, we were both hired. 

What do you do?

I take care of the beverages, from preparing cocktails to serving wine and other drinks. Then, I don’t shy away when help is needed. 

What do you like most about this job?

Beyond the venue, I enjoy relating to customers and chatting with them. People in this business need to get to know those sitting at the table and establishing relationships.

For those always in close contact with people, the human component is crucial for good results and a vehicle for personal growth.

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