Pineta 1903 family portraits: Nicole Esposito

Pineta 1903 family portraits: Nicole Esposito

Her smile shines on the morning customers who enter the restaurant’s bar area for breakfast or an afternoon coffee.

Nicole Esposito, 34, from Maiori, discovered her true passion during her journey in the food & beverage world: chatting with her guests and getting to know them while standing behind a counter. Let’s get to know her in this short interview.

When did you start working at Pineta 1903?

About two years ago. I had previously worked there before it became what it is today and before Carlo De Filippo took the reins.

After various experiences, including in the kitchen world, I realized that this was where I belonged. 

What do you do? 

I manage the bar, mainly serving breakfasts. We offer a sweet Italian breakfast with cornetto, coffee, and cappuccino.

I also manage the relationship with suppliers. I have grown a lot professionally since I have been here. Carlo De Filippo has given me confidence and left me carte blanche. 

What do you like most about your job?

The relationship with the customers. Unlike the restaurant, the relationship with guests in the bar comprises moments. It’s much faster. And in that short amount of time, I have the opportunity to form a bond, sometimes even an intense one.

I like to give emotions, and I also like to receive them. Remembering how a customer takes his coffee, whether lightly foamed or ground, is as essential to me as it is to him. It is these small attentions that keep guests coming back.

If they come back, it means that a connection has been made, which has a positive impact on me and them. This kind of relationship, which is fast and intense, got me hooked on cafeterias.

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