COOKING BOX – Underground at the Conventuale


COOKING BOX – Underground at the Conventuale with Anchovies, Nuts and Pecorino Copia

Cook the best traditional specialties of the Amalfi Coast at home

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COOKING BOX – Underground at the Conventuale with Anchovies, Nuts and Pecorino

Portions for 4/6 people in the basement at the Conventuale

What’s in the Box:

– 500 gr. Spaghettoni pasta from Gragnano;

– 190 gr Walnut Pesto;

– 70 gr. anchovies in olive oil;

– 130 gr. of Pecorino Cream;

– 250 gr. of Gherigli di Noci.

Original Recipe by Chef Provino Milo

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We would like to present you one of our most requested dishes, so much so that it has now become our Signature Dish: The Basement at the Conventuale.

It is a reinterpretation of the historic spaghetti “‘L’Interrato” which in ancient times, on the Amalfi Coast, was used to prepare on Christmas Eve. The name derives from the sandy sauce, which almost hides the pasta. Our Spaghettoni “alla Conventuale” are a first course Terra-Mare based on Anchovies, a Walnut Pesto, an exceptional Pecorino Cream created by us … and obviously a good Gragnano pasta!

A real delicacy typical of the Amalfi Coast that was prepared purely for the Christmas Eve dinner. A dish in which the generosity of the land and the richness of an opulent sea are linked in an inseparable union.

A first course with a Mediterranean flavor, in which flavors as simple as sincere triumph.

The product of the sea par excellence: the Anchovy, elegantly and gracefully blends with the crunchiness of the walnuts and the scent of this exceptional Pecorino Cream, created by us, which wraps everything delicately.

Over the years, at Pineta 1903, we have introduced various dishes of ancient recipes and ancient flavors and knowledge of the tradition of the Amalfi Coast in a continuous explosion of ideas, in continuous change, bringing a pinch of innovation and unexpected combinations to traditional recipes, but “The basement at the Conventual” remains the dish most requested by our customers (and perhaps also the best known), who, appreciating it, ask for the recipe before leaving in our restaurant.

This is why we have decided to create this COOKING BOX, with which everyone can cook our basement at home following the Chef’s original recipe, step by step, of this Ancient Traditional Campanian Dish.

After all, the basement needs a few minutes for preparation.

With our ready-to-use ingredients, you just need the time to cook the pasta to bring a very special and very tasty dish to the table.

The goodness of the dish will be guaranteed not only by careful preparation but also by the quality of the ingredients.

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