Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Now you have to make lots of decisions. You want your wedding party to be beautiful and memorable. We can help you!

Ristorante Pineta has been creating delightful experiences on the Amalfi coast since 1903. What would be more memorable than gathering your family and friends together under our magnificent lemon grove?
Who wouldn’t agree that there’s nothing like a fresh hot pizza under magnificent lemon trees! When You’ve gotten tired of eating over and over again at the kind of restaurants where you know what you’re going to order even before you walk in and the food doesn’t taste quite as good as it used to, but you still maintain your routine…

Well, I have a suggestion for you that will snap you right out of your rut. It’s delicious, convenient, and affordable—everything you look for in a restaurant!

Not just only your snack time friend, if you’re planning your pre or post wedding party then Pineta 1903 is the best choice for you!

You will be able to Celebrate your pre-wedding or post-wedding or any other family occasion in the splendid setting of our lemon grove. We have a stunning outdoor terrace under a canopy of lemon trees where You can gather your relatives and friends and enjoy the evening in a soothing ambience. This is a kind of Restaurant to come to when you’re craving pizzas or any other local food.

Pineta 1903 has been around in Amalfi Coast village of Maiori for more than 100years now and provides the most authentic flavorful foodstuff you can find in today’s time. Our complimentary samplings of fried seafood and vegetables, Luca, our Pizzamaker, served up fresh pizza slices are Chef’s special. The local wine and beer are a delight for your soul.

Except for amazing food, you will get much more “extras” at Pineta 1903, like friendly service, a comfy and casual ambiance, and a place that’s easy to get to and easy to find parking. We offer all of these extras to take a meal from simply a distinctive lunch or dinner, to a wonderful dining experience. And it does it without breaking the bank!

Okay, so you have one glowing recommendation. But why should you take my word for it?

Because so many other people agree. There are lots of positive customer reviews. Generally, we don’t ever take the time to review something unless it was terrible. So when a restaurant has hundreds of positive reviews and recommendation it must have something special. One of our honorable customer quoted, “The setting of this restaurant is amazing, sat in the garden under the lemon groves. 12 of us for a family pre wedding dinner, great local wine and beer and lovely food”.

Our another beloved customer said “This a wonderful restaurant. We visited this restaurant for my wife’s birthday, the size of the portions was huge compared to some restaurants, really enjoyed our meal here and the staff even brought out a nice cake for my wife. Extremely friendly and accommodating staffs speaking excellent English. Their La Parmigiana is to die for. I would most definitely recommend this place.”

We offer a variety items of appetizers and pizzas. There’s also an ongoing offer for those of you pizza lovers which includes

“Italian appetizer + PIZZA PARTY until your guests are full for € 26.00 per person”

“drinks not included”

For our adventure loving customers and explorers we have also designed the best 3 gastronomic paths of the Amalfi Coast! Here at the Pineta 1903, in fact, it is possible to undertake 3 gastronomic trips, of your choice! from the more hesitant to the bravest. Many small courses, Sea and Meat dishes, all by surprise! If this is not your kind of experience you always have the classic Menu à la Carte to choose from, but I guarantee you that you may regret not having tried it!

First Path

Menù Furore: 6 mini-courses all by surprise + dessert tasting


Second Path

Menù Amalfi: 8 small courses, all by surprise + dessert tasting


Third Path

Menù Positano: Only for the bravest. The number of courses are Infinite! You decide when to stop! …and It could be endless and all by surprise, + Dessert tasting And when you decide to stop you can reorder the dish that you liked best!


Whether you want to dine out or order in we guarantee fast friendly top notch service. Pineta 1903 also have weekly specials and coupons to make dining more affordable. There’s also scope for Live Music on request.

Whether you are entertaining, celebrating, feeding your family or would just like to enjoy a satisfying treat for no reason at all – we are here for you every day of the week.

Give us a call at +39 3288815393 ; Email us ; check out our website ; or stop by to visit. We guarantee that we soon will be on the list of your favorite restaurant.

Hope to see you soon.


Carlo, owner of Pineta 1903

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