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Pineta in the press!

Historic Amalfi Coast Restaurant Reopens: New Name, New Look and New Menu

In 1903 Bar Pineta opened its doors in the small Amalfi Coast village of Maiori. Also known as the Lemon Garden, this fixture in Maiori, Italy only knew two owners, Luigi, then his son, Lelo. This past winter Lelo decided to sell and Amalfi Coast resident, Carlo De Filippo jumped at the chance to own this historic restaurant.












NEW LEASE ON LIFE: Massive Renovation Project

In April 2015 Carlo completed the sale and immediately got to work on the renovations. Only the original floor remained. Workers gutted the walls, the kitchen and completely replaced the electrical system. Carlo says despite the massive project, his biggest challenge came from local residents. ““All the people in Maiori expected that I would take this place and reopen in one week in the same way”. Everyone asked ‘When are you open, when will you open?” Incredibly, Carlo and his crew managed to finish restorations and open in just 3 months. “This was a very big challenge for me.” Carlo explained, “This restaurant is very big and full of history. It was a big and expensive investment. My wife told me that I was crazy.”

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