It’s time for the dessert

It’s time for the dessert

At Pineta 1903, dessert has the same importance and value as a first or second course. The reason why? Find out here

A meal’s conclusion often validates and confirms the quality of the entire meal. Dessert enriches the sensory experience of the previous courses. 

That is why at Pineta 1903, dessert has the same importance as a first or second course, as the chefs are fully aware that the flavors enjoyed at the end will give a more excellent value to the culinary journey. 

Everything homemade

It is no coincidence that Pineta 1903 gives the dessert ample space. Creativity is expressed in this course, and tradition is reinterpreted and innovated. 

Every dessert is homemade and freshly made, so, as is well emphasized in the menu, “preparation takes longer. If you are in a hurry, don’t order them.” 

An invitation to stop

At first glance, the message is a counter-intuitive communication strategy: instead of enticing one to taste, owner Carlo De Filippo, along with his team of chefs, urges one to think about the quality of time one will devote to this dish. 

If you are on a tight schedule, it is best to avoid it since the experience that will be offered requires contemplation and a predisposition to surprise. And that is the promise, and that is the expectation. 

Traditions reinterpreted

In the tray of desserts is all the richness of the territory, not only that of the Amalfi Coast but also that of the Campanian tradition, from the sfogliatella and its ice cream to the lemon sorbet. 

From the scent of the Coast, which brings together all the citrus scents of the Divina, to pear & ricotta, Pineta 1903’s version of a great classic, that of ricotta and pear, to tiramisu, renamed “Oh Issa” on the menu for its ability to lift even the most melancholy moods, and the famous lemon delight, the Amalfi Coast’s symbol par excellence. 

Ample room for the chefs’ craftsmanship is left for the Mistery cake, a surprise dessert (it is never revealed what it contains, you have to trust it), to be shared by two. 

Lemon Caprese

One dessert in the sensual list of desserts embodies the value of friendliness, passion, courage, and Pineta 1903’s disruptive vision: the Lemon Caprese. It is a unique and original interpretation of the famous caprese cake. 

The recipe thus composed was conceived by Mariaantonia, Carlo De Filippo’s life and work companion, which encompasses the food that most identifies the area: the Sfusato Amalfitano, the yellow gold of the Amalfi Coast. 

The ingredients used are readily available and well listed, for those interested, in the book “Bell’e Buono” written by the owner of Pineta 1903, where its preparation is also illustrated step by step. 

When one enters the kitchen, seeing how a dish is put together helps its success. In this video, you can follow Mariaantonia in preparing the lemon caprese.

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