The International Beer Day 

The International Beer Day 

Clear, amber, red, black, or double malt. Today, August 4, we celebrate International Beer Day. An event created in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California, that celebrates the tenacity, talent, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit of millions of master brewers scattered around the world.

An event that not only invites people to consume cool beverages of different alcoholic strengths but also to learn more about the culture revolving around beer production, especially craft beer. 

Some data

According to a study carried out and published by Coldiretti and the Consortium for the Protection and Promotion of Italian Craft Beer, it seems that in recent decades the number of craft breweries in the country has tripled, surpassing the record quota of 1085 realities in 2022 that make exports fly by +12%. A growth that has boosted the demand for 100% Made in Italy raw materials with hops from scratch has now reached one million square meters cultivated along the peninsula. 

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A birth among myths and legends

History tells us that beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world. One legend, known in the industry, says it was born about 10,000 B.C. in Mesopotamia when a woman, after harvesting, placed grain in an amphora and forgot it outside the house. The same evening a heavy rain soaked the seeds, which fermented. From such a random and natural process, the next morning, the woman found a sweetish liquid substance in the amphora that pleased her husband, who began to produce it. Other accounts, however, reveal that beer originated in Iran 7,000 years ago.

Italian history 

Regardless of its creation, we know today that in Italy, we owe the conception of beer to Giacomo Bosio, precisely in 1845 in Turin. Here he established the first Italian brewery, the Birreria del Giardino: a factory along an artificial stream providing water for the beer. A true low-energy innovation. Success was inscribed in his destiny. After a few years, Bosio founded the Boringhieri brewery on Via Vittorio Emanuele in the city center, which included no less than three factories. 

la birra del fiordo
Furore, la Birra del Fiordo

Furore the Fjord Beer

Passionate about the craftsmanship of the food and beverage industry, Carlo De Filippo, owner of Pineta 1903, has launched his Furore beer, La Birra del Fiordo. An original and homemade recipe with light citrusy hints is straightforward and goes well with every dish served, from appetizers to main courses. And it is also ideal as an aperitif. And what could be better than savoring it during the International Beer Festival? A send-off for proof!

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