Portraits of the Pineta 1903 family: Gianluca Giordano

Portraits of the Pineta 1903 family: Gianluca Giordano

The earth is his primary source of inspiration. What nature offers, he then recomposes to create his dishes. 

Originally from Minori, Furorese, by adoption, he learned to cook as a young boy by watching his father. Our sous chef tells his story in this short interview.

What inspired you to pursue the profession of chef?

My father. He was a fisherman from Cetara and did lampare fishing. I would go with him, and in the morning, when we got home, he would start cooking, and I would help him. From there then, I got hooked and decided to take up this profession. 

Where do you find inspiration to create your dishes? 

I care for the vegetable garden at home, another great passion. And the earth inspires me to create my dishes, nature, and the raw materials it gives us. Following and observing the process, from planting to growing, gives me great satisfaction and the drive to create something good. 

Gianluca Giordano

What are your signature dishes?

All of them. However, having Cetaresian origins, spaghetti with anchovy sauce (known as colatura di alici). 

What do you cook at home for your children?

When I set to the stove at home, it is trouble because working in a professional kitchen, I tend to make a lot of mess, and my wife scolds me. In general, having precisely the garden, I try dishes that follow the flow of the seasons. It is zucchini season, so I prepare dishes with zucchini, and in winter, I prepare soups, which they like a lot. I try not to waste anything; even if something is wasted, I give it to my animals.

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